About Living Life

This blog started out as a collection of plant-based recipes that finally helped me to shed the last 10 pounds that I had to try to loose all my life.  Today, I know what works for me (at last) to bootstrap my eating when I need to shed some weight that inevitably always creeps up due to stress, or other circumstances. But all that really matters is living well, living life which is a precious gift in itself. To do so, it does not really matter what the scale says. In the end, it is about life on our own terms. 

And this is how this blog started out, and my own story:

Everyone has a different "feel good weight". It is personal, and for some it is more important than others. But, like Miranda in "Sex and the City", we often can relate to the good feeling of fitting in our 'skinny jeans', the ones that fit when we are at our 'feel good weight'.

I have struggled for years to shed the last 5-10 vanity pounds, I followed all the rules from exercise regularly, eat low fat, eat "good" animal protein, including chicken, salmon, dairy, Greek yogurt, and all the good stuff. I ate very healthy, cooked my own food with local ingredients, but it was still really hard to loose it and keep it off.  The weight did not budge.

Only after I went vegan, and prepared my own foods at home, the extra pounds fell off, and I have kept them off with ease. When I first read "The Skinny Bitch" book, I was turned off and found the language crude, but the content is what I use today. No dairy (beside real milk for my morning coffee), no animal products (with occasional exceptions). This is what worked for me, but everyone is different and find out what works for you. 

This blog is mostly about plant-based recipes that I enjoy. Once I cooked vegan, there seemed to be less variety, which is natural when you exclude several food groups. Since then I have been interested in coming up or trying out bold, satisfying, tasty recipes with mostly unprocessed food. Despite being vegan, I avoid soy products because I just don't like the taste of them. So, this blog serves as my own 'recipe archive'. I hope, others will enjoy it, too.

There is also the occasional cake and cookie recipe since I like to bake for fun. Often, these recipes are for parties or potluck occasions.  Sugar is vegan, but not great for a skinny jeans pursuit..

Get an overview of this blog and check my pinterest board for recipes !

My strategies are:
  1. Tune in to your hunger and eat intuitively (avoid rules, mindless eating and check the reasons for emotional eating).
  2. Clean eating (mostly fresh, often raw, self-prepared meals with ingredients right out of the garden or farmers market, avoid additives and packaged, pre-prepared foods, restaurants foods, avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners, avoid using the microwave as well as plastic food containers).
  3. Eat mostly plant-based, organic food.  
  4. Avoid chemical, highly processed and GMO food (this includes... tempeh).
  5. Cook single servings or 2 servings to avoid too many leftovers and boredom of having to eat the same thing over and over again.  
  6. Relax, love and have a sense of humor. Have a sense for the absurdity of life. ( "Happy" is a great film about the things that really makes people happy.)
  7. Be good, kind and gentle to yourself (and others). You are worth it! 
  8. Take time eating, make meals an elegant event, worth to stop the day, and chill out.   
  9. Fresh air, go for walks, runs, hikes, bikes, with the dog. Just get outside! (and practise gentle exercise)
  10. Try to get 8h of sleep. The hours before midnight are important.
  11. Avoid alcohol, and hydrate with plenty of water and herbal teas.

This is a really good movie, capturing most things that worked for me to: Forks over Knifes.

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